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At SKTCC, we pride ourselves on being a true full-service firm - our focus is people, not matters.  Below are just a few of the practice areas in which our attorneys have decades of experience serving our clients.  

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Commercial & Residential Closings, Development, Land Use & Zoning

SKTCC handles myriad real estate matters each year. Our attorneys are highly experienced in both residential and commercial closings, as well as real estate development, land use and zoning.  Our attorneys regularly appear before, and have served on, local zoning boards. 

Examples of Our Real Estate Services:

- Residential Transactions, including Closings

- Commercial Transactions, including Closings

- Subdivisions

- Zoning Variances and Appeal

- Planned Urban Development (PUD) 

- Real Estate Litigation 



Civil, Personal Injury, Appeals

SKTCC started more than sixty years ago as a litigation firm.  While our areas of expertise have grown substantially, litigation remains one of our core practice areas.  Our attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants, and our attorneys have handled litigation spanning the entire spectrum of subject areas in both New York State and Federal Courts.

Examples of Our Litigation Services:

- Estate Litigation

- Personal Injury & Negligence Litigation

- Contract Disputes 

- Real Property Disputes

- Banking & Insurance Litigation

- Foreclosure Actions 


Commercial Law

Banking & Finance, Contracts,  Business Organizations

SKTCC has handled hundreds of commercial transactions for businesses in the Greater Saratoga Springs & Capital District Areas.  Our attorneys bring a business centered approach to the attorney-client relationship and have provided expert counsel to businesses and lenders as part of the historic growth in Saratoga Springs over the last six decades.  SKTCC assist with all aspects of commercial transactions from business formation & corporate governance to sales & dissolution.  Our attorneys have facilitated the founding and financing of corporations, partnerships, and LLCs.   Our attorneys also represent lenders and borrowers and specialize in all areas of Banking Law.

Examples of Our Commercial Services:

- Business Formation

- Corporate Governance

- Sales, Purchase, & Mergers

- Corporate Financing, including Commercial Closing Services

- Dispute Resolution, including Litigation, Arbitration, & Mediation

- Uniform Commercial Code Advising

- General Counsel Services to Local Lenders


Criminal Defense 

DWI, Traffic Violations, Felonies & Misdemeanors

SKTCC practices all areas of Criminal Defense.  Our attorneys have appeared in all criminal courts in the Greater Saratoga Region and many throughout New York State.  SKTCC works to resolve our clients criminal matters in an efficient and comprehensive manner.  Having handled all aspects of criminal defense, including trials, our attorneys work tirelessly to ensure the best available outcomes for our clients' criminal matters.

Examples of Our Criminal Defense Services:

- Traffic Violations

- Misdemeanor Defense

- Felony Defense

- Jury & Bench Trial Represenation

- Plea Deal Representation

- Arraignment & Bail Hearing Representation


Trusts, Wills, & Probate

Estate Planning, Estate Administration & Probate Proceedings, Estate Litigation 

SKTCC is one of the most trusted firms in the Capital Region for estate planning, wealth management, and succession planning. Generations of clients have trusted our attorneys to help craft personalized estate plans.  Our attorneys will work with you and your family every step of the way to make your estate planning vision a reality, and insure that your wishes are protected even after you are gone.  Our attorneys take a proactive, and holistic approach to prevent disputes, but in the rare case where disputes cannot be avoided, our experienced litigation team will ensure your legacy and vision are protected.

Examples of Our Trusts, Estates, & Probabte Services:

- Comprehensive Estate Planning Including Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Health Care Proxies

- Wealth & Succession Planning Including Trust Drafting and Gift Tax Consultation 

- Estate & Trust Administration Oversight including Probate Court Proceedings & Trustee Services

- Estate Litigation 

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